PDFdu Free Online Add Text to PDF

PDFdu Free Add text to PDF enables you to add text to exists pdf file online without any other PDF applications. If for all the pages to add, please fill in 0.

Pages    [Multiple pages separated by commas, such as 1,2,3]
Location X Location Y (Coordinate origin is left-hand corner at the bottom)
Font Size Rotation Font Style Font Color

Online Add Text To PDF

Quickly and easily add text to a PDF file to generate a new file, simple and efficient.
You can set the text to add page, enter the page numbers separated by commas, such as 1,3,5.
You can set the font size, angle, opacity, font color.
You can set the position of the text on the page, the coordinate origin is the lower left corner, to the right to increase the X-axis, Y-axis direction increases.
If the original position have content, add new text will overwrite the original text above, and watermark effect is just the opposite.

Follow the steps below to add text to PDF file:

Click Browse button to specify and upload Pdf file.
Fill content and set font .
Click Add text and wait.
Download the PDF to your computer or Directly open in your IE browser.